Teaching Adults Certificate

Please note that at this time and for the foreseeable future, we will not be enrolling/accepting new participants into the Teaching Adults program. 

Teaching Adults Certificate

The program focuses on an understanding of Adult Learning, Curriculum Development, and Evaluation and Assessment. Best practice in adult education will be utilized by way of example when teaching course content. Students will have the opportunity to participate as well as critique the various teaching/learning methodologies from both the presenter and participant perspective.  The program will consist of  three, ½ credit (30 hour) courses.

$800.00 per module
Fees include texts, if required


Module 1 – The Adult Learner
This course will explore the characteristics of the adult learner. Students will examine various learning styles. In addition, students will examine the differences and similarities that exist between adult learners and young learners. With this in mind, students will be challenged to consider various teaching/learning strategies that will meet the needs of all adult learners.

Module 2 – Curriculum Development and Delivery
Participants will explore course design. They will develop the ability to write meaningful and measurable outcomes. They will examine various means by which to facilitate learning in the adult classroom.

Module 3 – Evaluation, Assessment and Lifelong Learning
Participant/Learners will examine various evaluation methodologies. They will be required to evaluate and develop evaluation tools with the aim of understanding their effectiveness.