Frequently Asked Questions
Where is your College located?
Jane Norman College is located in downtown Truro, Nova Scotia, at 60 Lorne Street.
What programs does your College offer?
Jane Norman College offers an Early Childhood Education Diploma, a Youth Worker Diploma, a Special Education Diploma, a Public School Program Assistant Certificate, and an Early Childhood Inclusive Education Certificate, Teaching Adults Certificate as well as various professional development courses, workshops, and information sessions.
Do you offer co-op programs? In what areas?
Jane Norman College does not offer co-op programs in any of our programs. As a student with us, however, you will fulfil 500 hours of practicum training in a working environment. These hours are necessary to graduate.
What are your admission requirements?

Applicants must have a grade 12 or equivalent. Those who do not may still apply and be considered on an individual basis. Applicants to the Inclusion and Intervention Diploma must have successfully completed either our Youth Worker or Early Childhood Education Diploma, or their equivalent. Applicants for any of our programs must possess an adequate knowledge of the written and spoken English language.

What are deadlines for applications and scholarships?
Applications for enrollment will be accepted and given consideration until August of the year of studies. Applications received after the middle of August can not be guaranteed consideration for that study year. The Dr. Jane Norman Entrance Scholarship is awarded to several students before they graduate high school, based on academic achievement and exhibited personal characteristics necessary to professional care givers. An academic standing of 80% or higher gets an automatic consideration for an entrance scholarship, so applying before June 1 is beneficial to those hoping to receive a scholarship.
What size scholarships do you offer?
We offer several scholarships of different value. Please contact our Registrar for more information.
Do you have a campus tour program? How does it work?
Every year Jane Norman College offers tours and information sessions. Contact for more information or to book a tour.

This is an opportunity to ask questions about the programs and fees, and to get a feel for the atmosphere at Jane Norman College. The student liaison officer gives group or private tours to students and can be arranged by calling (902) 893-3342 and asking for Linda Sutherland, or by emailing

What is the cost of attending?
Jane Norman College is a recognized non-profit post-secondary educational facility. We keep our tuition costs low for our students. Our tuition fees vary so please check the individual program of interest for more information.
What are sources of funding that I should investigate?
Students continuing their education after high school or as an adult should always seek scholarship and bursary information from the local high school guidance office or career centre in your area. Many places offer scholarships to members such as Co-op, banks, Teachers Union, Legions, Rotary Clubs, Power Company etc. Checking out the internet is a great way to discover a lot of funding that may be available to you. There is also student loans available to qualified students of any of our full time programs .This information is also available at career centers and guidance offices, or by checking the internet. If you are considering returning to school in order to change careers, you may want to discuss funding options with your local Human Resources career counselor.
How do I know what classes I take?
At Jane Norman College, the courses are chosen for you, to ensure you receive the best education for your chosen career. All the courses included in your chosen program are directly related to the career path you are on. You are taught by the highest qualified faculty in the profession, in all courses.
What extra-curricular activities are available? How do I sign up?
Any activities in school are organized by you, the student. Students are always seeking new and interesting activities for the student body, so do not hesitate to share your ideas! In the past there have been volleyball teams, table tennis, dances and theme parties, and fund raising activities.
Can I transfer from your school after first year?
Jane Norman College credits are transferable to some institutions. It is best to seek information from the institution you wish to transfer to regarding transferable credits.
Can I change programs without restriction with your College?
If a student wishes to change programs, a request letter must be sent to the Registrar. Some courses are taught in more than one program and may not have to be repeated.
What services to students are available on campus?
Jane Norman College provides a large student lounge, complete with microwaves and a fridge. There is also a fully stocked library, quiet study rooms, a cafeteria, adequate parking nearby, lockers, and career services registry which aids students in finding employment.
How big is the library? Will I be expected to find things on my own?
The Russell Resource Library has approximately 8,000 titles with duplicate copies. There are about 550 videos and 40 journal subscriptions. Our collection focuses on program-related topics and includes a large collection of multicultural, special education, and juvenile literature. Students are given instruction on how to search for material, and there is always staff on hand to aid you.
Where will my classes be located?
All full-time studies take place at 60 Lorne Street in Truro. Jane Norman College uses a number of classrooms, the Dr. Jane Norman Child Study Center, and the multi-purpose room to hold classes in
What are the sizes of my first year classes?
Jane Norman College prides itself on the low student-teacher ratio. First-year classes range between 15 and 30 students per class. This ensures individual attention to students as needed.
Is there a place where I can get academic assistance?
The College offers tutorial services designed to help students achieve academic success. Students experiencing academic concerns of any kind should contact our Student Success Coordinator who will give them more detailed information about our tutorial program.
What services does the institute provide with respect to computers, internet, and software?
A student study and resource area is located at the rear of the library. It includes a bank of computers with internet access.
How can I get more information?
More information on the Jane Norman College may be obtained from the downloadable calendar. The College will keep you informed on information sessions, dates and any changes in programs or fees which may occur through this website.
Is there limited enrolment in the program I wish to study?
Jane Norman College does not limit the number of students in a program. We believe smaller classes work better for students so if a program has a large number of students, we will create two smaller classes from the large one.
What is the future outlook for my choice of study?
Jane Norman College offers programs in the caregiving profession. Presently there is a very positive outlook for Youth Worker, Teacher Assistant, and Inclusion and Intervention students. Early Childhood Educators, however, are in very high demand. A recent intensive study of the ECE profession across Atlantic Canada shows a crisis situation with the low number of qualified workers. The government of Canada is putting forth large amounts of money to attract people to and keep people working in the profession.
Will I require graduate studies before I am ready to embark on my career choice?
When you graduate from Jane Norman College, you are a fully qualified professional, with many hours of experience and learning. Your diploma is recognized across Canada and the world, and you join alumni of over 4,000 respected and sought after Jane Norman College professionals.

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