A licensed agency that provides quality childcare in approved & monitored family home settings.

Family Home Child Care Agency
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Our Mission

Jane Norman College FHCC will provide: 

For Parents – a childcare option that meets their needs & where they can feel confident placing their children 

For Children – a family home like childcare environment that stimulates their development & is responsive to their needs 

For Family Home Childcare Providers – advocacy, training, support, and resources as they supplu this essential service. 


We Are Providing Safe Childcare in a Family Home Setting.

  • Childcare in an approved family home setting for families with children from infancy through to and including 12 years old. 
  •  Regular monitoring and assessments by a family home consultant 
  • Childcare spaces that can be accessed by families with portable childcare subsidies 
  • Consistent childcare providers and environments that stimulate children’s development intellectually, physically, linguistically, socially and emotionally through indoor and outdoor play experiences. 
For FHCC Providers

The support you need. 

  • Support services to the providers by the Agency at no cost to the provider. 
  • Match meetings with potential families seeking childcare
  • First Aid & CPR, professional development and training 
  • Support through playgroups, regular visits, resource lending library and information sharing avenues.
  • Opportunities to network with other providers 
  • A home visit consultant to assist with administration programming and information about childcare issues. 
Family Home Childcare Agency Providers Are

Self-employed individuals who work from their own homes and determine their own childcare policies such as hours, fees, etc. 

Individuals who provide a crucial service in a safe and nurturing environment.