A licensed agency that provides quality childcare in approved & monitored family home settings.

Family Home Child Care Agency
List of Providers
Our Mission

Jane Norman College FHCC will provide:

For Parents – a childcare option that meets their needs & where they can feel confident placing their children

For Children – a family home like childcare environment that stimulates their development & is responsive to their needs.

For Family Home Childcare Providers – advocacy, training, support, and resources as they supply this essential service.


We Are Providing Safe Childcare in a Family Home Setting.

  • Childcare in an approved family home setting for families with children from infancy through to and including 12 years old. 
  •  Regular monitoring and assessments by a family home consultant 
  • Childcare spaces that can be accessed by families with portable childcare subsidies 
  • Consistent childcare providers and environments that stimulate children’s development intellectually, physically, linguistically, socially and emotionally through indoor and outdoor play experiences. 
For FHCC Providers

The support you need.

  • Support services to the providers by the Agency at no cost to the provider. 
  • First Aid & CPR, professional development and training 
  • Support through playgroups, regular visits, resource lending library and information sharing avenues.
  • Opportunities to network with other providers 
  • A home visit consultant to assist with administration programming and information about childcare issues. 
Family Home Childcare Agency Providers Are
Self employed individuals who work from their own homes, choose their own families and determine their own childcare policies such as hours, fees, etc.
Individuals who provide a crucial service and a developmentally appropriate program in a safe and nurturing environment.               
For additional information contact:
LeaAnne Joudrie
(902) 897-5111
Adam Braye
(902) 897-5885
Michelle Embree
(902) 397-2987