After School Program

What is the after school program?

In late spring 2009, the Jane Norman College approached the Truro Elementary School (TES) to see if there would be interest in partnering on an after-school program for the children of Truro Elementary.   We were happy to be on board with an organization with over 35 years of experience and knowledge of young children. The program received its license under the Nova Scotia Day Care Act at the Beginning of September and has settled in nicely to the routine of TES. 

As we are obliged to charge a fee to non-CCRSB prohrams we are pleased to be able to use any funds raised towards the purchase of materials and resources for the school. This partnership is a win-win for TES, its students and theit parents. We enourage parents to call Jane Norman College or drop in and see how this program works. 

After School Child Care solutions

The largest benefit to the families and children in providing an after school program in the school would be the “seamless day”.  Early childhood experts agree that the opportunity for children to continue their day in the care of educated practitioners with fewer disruptions is most beneficial to the child.  Certainly the continuous presence of the child in school provides parents with the knowledge that the child’s time away from the family is spent in a caring, stimulating, nurturing and safe environment.  While all early childhood proponents extol the virtues of the seamless day the practicalities of integration have always posed challenges.  The Canadian Childcare Federation produced Policy Brief on School Age Child Care in 2006 outlining benefits, concerns and the challenges due to societal beliefs and provincial and federal differences.

After School Child Care in Truro

In 2007 Nova Scotia had only 11 licensed stand-alone after school care programs.  This meant that Department of Community Services had licensed these programs and these 11 programs followed the after school regulations and guidelines as set out by the province in the Day Care Act,Regulations and Standards.  These regulations include assurances of educated and trained staff, appropriate adult to child ratios, fire and health inspections, specific space requirements, and developmentally appropriate activities and resources.

National statistics find that 80% of mothers in the paid workforce have children under 12.  In 2006 there were close to 750 children in the Truro area between the ages of 5 and 9 years. Working on assumptions that Truro is close to the national average there may have been approximately 600 children in Truro area that need care after school in 2006.

Currently (2010), within the Town of Truro, there are only 3 licensed child care programs that run after school programs.  According to Department of Community Service there are only 20 spaces listed as school age in these 3 programs.

Why sign up for the After School Program? 



Why our After School?

  • Qualified and caring early childhood educators 
  • Regulated by Nova Scotia Department of Community Services
  • Children are not transported to another location

Benefits for Children

  • Qualified and caring early childhood educators
  • Variety of toys and materials and resources
  • Daily outdoor activities
  • Activities driven by interests of the children
  • Able to more easily take part in on-site school activities
  • The Program starts as soon as school finishes

What have our kids been doing?

  • sensory activities (flubber, goop, magic mud, play dough)
  • creative art (drawing, painting, collages, clay sculpting)
  • constructing (lego, lincoln logs, stick connectors, gears)
  • dramatic play (dress up, puppets)
  • science experiments
  • gym activities
  • board games
  • outdoor free play and organized activities

For more information

Telephone: 902-893-3342

Email: [email protected]

School Hours: M-F: 8am – 3pm