Teacher Assistant Certificate Program

Receive your certification in a part time online program!


Jane Norman College has a long history of preparing students for meaningful careers in the human services field.  The College is an approved provider for the newly designed Post Secondary Teacher Assistant Program, licenced by the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) and the Nova Scotia Department of Advanced Education (DAE).  The Jane Norman College TA Program was developed by our curriculum team who have over 30 years of teaching experience in adult and public school education.  Offered part-time in an online setting the 9 required modules will be delivered over the course of 3 years.


Introduction of Core Provincial Curriculum Standards

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development recognizes the growth and evolution of the role of the Teacher Assistant in Nova Scotia over the last number of years and the high demand across the Province for well trained individuals to meet the needs of our students in our public schools.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD), along with partners in training across the province, determined that a consistent, cohesive training program was needed so that graduates would share consistent training upon graduation.  The Nova Scotia TA Core Curriculum was introduced to ensure all new Teacher Assistants would have the same knowledge and skills when entering the workforce. The program prepares TAs to work in schools and within inclusive classrooms which promotes independence of all students.

 The program incorporates both theory and practice through the use of classroom and placements. Included will be training in various certifications such as NVCI, First Aid, etc. Placements will occur within schools in Nova Scotia with supervision and evaluation of skills. Graduates will have the necessary competencies and skills to deliver appropriate, respectful, inclusive support to students with learning differences within the classroom.


TA Program Overview

List of Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Teacher Assistant Program, graduates will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Understand the role of the Teacher Assistant in Nova Scotia classrooms
  • Understand child development
  • Understand the barriers to learning that some students have
  • Understand the aspects of an inclusive classroom
  • Understand ways to support health, personal care and safety of students
  • Understand behavior supports used in classrooms
  • Understand collaborative skills needed to work in the role of Teacher Assistant
  • Understand the role that accessible and assistive technology plays in removing barriers for students.

 Admission Criteria:

  • Grade 12 or GED equivalent
  • Have no criminal record (Vulnerable Sector check must be done within 6 months of acceptance into the program)
  • Be capable of performing all jobs requirements (physical and other)
  • Be able to demonstrate proficiency in English 
  • Basic computer skills (word processing, send and check emails, web browsing skills)

Time to Complete Program: The learner will have no more than 5 years to complete this program after the start date.  

Graduation Completion: Learners who successfully complete the prescribed program will receive a certificate of completion from the Education Provider.


Delivery Method

*Remote Classroom Delivery

  • Instructors will use an online platform (Google Meets) to deliver each class in real time.
  • Students must be present (visible) during each hour of class to be marked present for the corresponding hour.
  • Students must be able to participate (have working video and audio).
  • Activities/group work/presentation are part of the remote learning classroom


  • Certifications which must be delivered in-person will be done at a central location(s) chosen by the College, or students may secure certification privately elsewhere if travel is a hardship.
  • Students may have to travel to a location to complete a certification.
  • There may be some certifications which can be completed, or partially completed online.
  • Students who hold current certifications may be excused from attending certifications offered by the College.  Before being excused a copy of a certification must be sent to the College. 
  • A student’s certification must be current at graduation so if a student is excused from taking the certification offered by the College it is incumbent on the student to ensure that they have current certifications at graduation at their own expense. 
  • There will be no reduction in fees for waiving a student’s previously held certification.

*Assessable Directed Learning

  • An instructor may assign readings/questions/reflections for a student to complete in their own time and which must be handed in.

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Program Schedule

Year 1

Module Number and Course Name 

Course Hours


Module 1

Understanding the Role of the Teacher Assistant

30 hours total 

Remote Classroom – 30 hrs

One week in August – delivered in 5 days – 6 hr/day avg.

Module 2

Introduction to Health, Personal Care and Safety

100 hours total

Remote Classroom – 52 hrs

In-person – 43 hrs certifications 

Assessable Directed Learning- 5 hrs

September – End of December

– 3.25 hrs/class – delivered in 16 evening classes

Module 3

Overview of Accessible and Assistive Technology 

60 hours total 

Remote Classroom – 52 hours 

Assessable Directed Learning – 8 hrs 

January – End April

– 3.25 hrs/class – delivered in 16 evening classes


Year 2

Module 6

Introduction to the Inclusive Classroom

60 hours total

Remote Classroom – 37 hrs

In-person – 14 hrs certifications 

Assessable Directed Learning – 9 hrs 

One week in August

– delivered in 5 days – 7.25 hr/day avg

Practicum 1

110 hours total 

4 weeks 

(5.5 hrs/ day x 20 days)

Can begin after Module 1, 2, 3, 6 are complete

Module 4

Overview of Child Development 

60 hours total 

Remote Classroom – 52 hrs

Assessable Directed Learning – 8 hrs

September – End December

– 3.25 hrs/class – delivered in 16 evening classes

Module 5

Overview of Learning Differences and Barriers to Learning (includes ASD online module)

60 hours total 

Remote Classroom – 52 hrs 

Assessable Directed Learning – 8 hrs

January – End April

– 3.25 hrs/class – delivered in 16 evening classes


Year 3

Module 9

Strategies for Seeking Employment

20 hours total

Remote Classroom – 20 hrs

One week in August

– delivered over 4 days – 5 hr/day avg.

Practicum 2

110 hours total 

4 weeks 

(5.5 hrs/ day x 20 days)

Can begin anytime during Year 3 or after completion of Practicum 1 

Module 7

Overview of Behavior Supports

80 hours total 

Remote Classroom – 65 hrs

Assessable Directed Learning -15 hrs

September – End January

– 3.25 hrs/class – delivered in 20 evening classes

Module 8

Communication and Collaborative Skills for Teacher Assistants

30 hours total 

Remote Classroom – 30 hours

February – Mid April

– 3 hrs/class – delivered in 10 evening classes

Technology Requirements for Remote/Online Learning

Minimum Technical Requirements
Jane Norman College has identified the following minimum technical requirements needed for students to successfully access remote/online learning:

Operating System PC/Laptop (Windows 10 or higher)
Chromebook (OS version 97 or higher)
Mac (iOS version)

Web Browser Google Chrome (recommended)
Microsoft Edge

Internet speed 10MB or higher download, 5MB or higher upload

Required Accessories
Video Camera, Microphone and Speaker (headset recommended)
Each module features synchronous (live) online meetings using webinar software. While many PCs are equipped with video cameras, speakers and a microphone, using headphones with an attached microphone for these sessions is recommended if there may be distractions in your environment.

Scanner or Camera
Students may need to provide images of physical work completed. A compatible scanner or a mobile device equipped with a camera may also be acceptable.

Google Email Account
Students will be assigned a Jane Norman College Google account. This is to be used for all College correspondence and to access the Google Classroom.

If you have any questions about technological requirements for this program please contact the Jane Norman College at info@janenorman.ca.