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Dr. Jane Norman Child Study Centre
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The Dr. Jane Norman Childcare Study Centre (DJNCSC) offers a play based program that strongly recognizes the role that play has in young children’s learning. Play is nature’s way of allowing children to learn about themselves and the world they live in. Play is intrinsically motivating and therefore children play for the sheer pleasure of it and while doing so they learn all sorts of new skills, become competent and develop positive self-esteem. 

Curriculum Model 

We Are Providing an Environment for our Children to Become Independent and Divergent Thinkers

The program curriculum is based on the emergent curriculum model. This requires the teachers to closely observe the children, as well as interact with them to determine individual areas of interest. Planning is then based on those interests. 

The emergent approach is a collaborative approach that empowers children. It is very responsive to children’s interests, needs and abilities. It allows unhurried time for children to fully explore particular avenues of interest. As well is encourages children to be independent and divergent thinkers. 

What your Child can expect each day 

  • art and/or science activities 
  • gym time 
  • circle 
  • outdoor adventures 
  • free play 
  • group meeting s to research topics of interest 
  • sensory activities 
  • dramatic play 
  • creative/constructive activities 
  • rest time 
  • open snack (food is available for a significant amount of time both morning and afternoon and children are encouraged to read their hungry cues and eat accordingly)
  • hot lunch 

Daily Schedule 


  • Centre Opens 
  • Free Play (options such as: art, sand and water play, block building, music, math, science, dramatic play, gym, manipulatives and language activites 
  • Outside Play (weather premitting
  • Circle 
  • Lunch 
  • Rest Time (for nappers) 
  • Quiet activites (for non-nappers) 
  • Free Play 


  • Centre Closes